New year’s resolutions, predictions for 2016


Communicators, their teams, local government, and the public sector are changing. Less money, fewer people, greater uncertainty, and more great work. These are some of the challenges 2016 will bring. So here are ten things that might help.

1 Have an outer body experience. Step outside your team for an hour or so, and coldly evaluate yourself, what you bring to your team, and how you can improve. If your learning points are the same as last year’s, make sure you do something about them.

2 Learn to let go. The tension between wanting to manage and deliver and needing to help others outside your team to do so will become even greater. But let things go, not because you have to, but because you should do.

3 Image is everything. Video and photos are both the future and the present. How your residents consume information is changing, don’t get left behind.

4 Are sacred cows sacred? If you still do media monitoring, just stop. Now. Go on, I dare you. Nobody will die, and after a while nobody will care. Why is this channel more important than all the others?

5 Less is more. Less money, fewer people, but is there less work? Probably not. So something has to give. Now, if not sooner, is the time to think about what you will no longer do. See 4 above.

6 Knowledge is power. Make sure you give yourself time to learn from others. In person, online, wherever is best for you, but make sure you develop. Standing still is not an option.

7 Share the load. If you’re not working effectively with partners, make sure you do. If you think you are, do more. The days of ploughing a lone furrow are long gone. Working together is both better and cheaper.

8 Variety is the spice of life. Austerity shouldn’t limit creativity. Try different things, and don’t worry if some of them don’t work. Perfection is just a myth.

Ok, I know, that’s only eight. See 5. Have a great year.