Why I Use Twitter

Not a week goes by without someone asking me why I have a Twitter account, why I tweet, why I read other people’s tweets, and so on. And the question is usually asked with an air of disdain. So here are ten reasons why I think Twitter is a good idea.

1 My job is enhanced by using networks on Twitter to get key links, blogs, recommendations, reviews – if I wasn’t on Twitter I’d be less effective at my job.

2 Once I’ve worked out who to follow, I get to read a huge amount of positive things.

3 I now know just how much expertise there is out there, and how happy people are to share it.

4 It’s fun.

5 It can be a real force for good. The Arab Spring is just one of many examples.

6 It doesn’t respect hierarchies – a good idea is a good idea, the job title is irrelevant.

7 Used properly, it mixes the personal and the professional without worrying too much about it.

8 Having worked out who to follow, I get to see and hear a lot of news before many of the newspapers and TV channels report it.

9 I can just read other people’s tweets without tweeting myself if I don’t feel like it, the online equivalent of listening rather than talking for the sake of it.

10 Twitter and other social networks are a must for anyone who has communications as part of their job. And they soon will be, if not already, for everyone else too.

One Response to Why I Use Twitter

  1. tyluhgage says:

    There are a lot of good points in here. Twitter isn’t just a means for one thing and one thing only it contains a wide variety of options. I also really like how you incorporated the use of personal and professional in the 7th point, it really works both ways and too many of one can just lead your twitter to be bland.

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